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Project - Close Examination just checking myself

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Where the heck was I when you first posted this? Oh, I was on vacation without a computer. That is the only reason I would have missed this.

Oh Karen, thank you for linking this to the QOTW thread, so I found it. You delight me with your constant introspection. I'm pretty sure that is the very best quality of a high achiever, and you are certainly that. This is so fun, interesting, thought-provoking, amazing. Did I mention it's delightful? Thanks, as always, for making me smile.

This is way beyond fabulous! I have never seen any layout like this. I love it!

Just amazing. =)

I mean, I could go on, but since I'm apparently the last person to have seen this... it's already all been said, and I'm still in the speechless Wow. stage.

Holy cow! OK, so you may not be perfect (in your own estimation!) but this layout absolutely is!!! I love the idea of the camera lens - it works so well with your theme and is so visually appealing. The kicker for me is always the journaling, of course, and this does not disappoint. So much of you in there - certainly a treasure for you and your family to look back on. <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/smile.gif'>

This really is an interesting page. Thanks for always sharing a unique perspective.

Love the look of this and the idea! Very cool!

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Project - Close Examination just checking myself
About this project

Project - Close Examination just checking myself
by tapestryintime
posted 08/17/08 at 10:50 PM
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For the PUB journaling challenge to journal two different ways. Esther was thinking I was a perfectionist. It got me to thinking and so I googled perfectionist and high achiever traits. What follows is a two way conversation (sort of with myself) it ends up being a list of traits and then my reflection on whether I fit the paradigm. In the end I decided I wasn't a perfectionist.<p><p>

When I was done, I incorporated the color combo for this week too. It added just the right amount of color!<p><p>

The design is my own, intended to simulate looking into the lens of a camera from the front. I put a halftone in the background to give the photo a little pop!<p><p>

High Achiever: Strives toward perfection, understanding of what's possible<p><p>
yea, i know my limitations – not going to the moon any time soon<p><p>
enjoys the journey, results are nice but the process is sometimes even better<p><p>
definitely, take scrapbooking for example, I love the process<p><p>
good problem solver, likes to tackle new things<p><p>
I love to do think tank style brain storming – it would be my dream job<p><p>
self starter, takes initiative, goal oriented, makes things happen<p><p>
just call me “the” list maker, nothing makes me happier than checking things off<p><p>
Perfectionist: belief that you and/or your environment must be perfect<p><p>
have you seen my house on a good day? Dog hair and cobwebs abound!<p><p>
striving to be the best, to reach the ideal, and to never make a mistake<p><p>
never say never – you know I love a typo as much as the next person<p><p>
a level of consciousness that keeps you ever vigilant to any deviations from the norm<p><p>
ok, so I do thrive on NOT being normal<p><p>
an inhibiting factor that keeps you from making a commitment to change <p><p>
I've said it before, I am the quintessential Gypsy Soul, I love change<p><p>

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