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Project - The Dog Top Down Dinner X 3

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Oh my goodness, who would have thought - a doggy drive thru???!!!! I've never seen one of those here in Ontario!!! Love this photo effects used in this LO.

Can you see the smile on my face? That is too cute !!! I love the journaling you did on each photo, it really describes his anticipation for that yummy burger. Love it! TFS.

Funny topic! Like teh tinted pics on here. Very cool take on this weeks colors and ad

too funny! great job!

that is so cool, a doggie drive thru!!!! these pics are great, love the sequence and the captions. the colors look great!

What a cool page, Karen! Those photos are awesome, and the color combo is just perfect for them, and great take on that ad challenge!

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Project - The Dog Top Down Dinner X 3
About this project

Project - The Dog Top Down Dinner X 3
by tapestryintime
posted 09/08/08 at 05:00 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Last week's Pub Ad is the BEST for fast pages. Photos taken yesterday – just had to scrap ‘em.<p><p>

This week’s colors were perfect for forcing me away from the red/yellow color scheme that would have been too easy. I used the darker turquoise as a filter over the top of a couple of the photos. I thought it gave them a retro look.<p><p>

Journaling: You have to know we are missing our college kids a little when taking the dog to IN-N-OUT is the treat of the day. I'm not sure who enjoys the outing more, us or Galahad. Did you know they have an “dog” burger? It is plain hamburger with no spices, no bun and no sauce. And we'll have that to go!

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