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Project - Bras for the Cause



oh wow! this is so great!

Tee-hee... I totally got a kick out of seeing more of these photos! Awesome take on the ad, Karen!

what a wonderful thing for you all to do! gorgeous page, love your outfits, and the bum shot is my fav! LOL!

How awesome, Karen! What a wonderful thing to do. Such fun photos, and the ad design is just perfect!

Love this sassy page! Great job with the layout and with your fundraising. Congrats!

This looks like so much fun. You come up with the BEST outfits! And what a great cause!

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Project - Bras for the Cause
About this project

Project - Bras for the Cause
by tapestryintime
posted 09/16/08 at 11:20 PM
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For the Pub Ad challenge. I couldn't resist using the shape in the ad for a layout about boobs!<p><p>

Walking in the bras for the cause walk every year is one of the highlights of my life. This was my third one. It is more than just a walk to raise money for a great cause. It is an emotional event of monumental proportions. We start early with an e-mail loop list. We brainstorm. We throw ideas out. We cleverly devise a plan to come up with a theme. We get together to decorate our bras, we raise money, we party before the walk, and finally we walk downtown Pleasanton - wearing our bras in the moonlight. This year we even had a cheerleading chant that we belted out as we walked - Hey ho, hey ho, breast cancer has got to go. But it is much more than all of those things. There is a female camaraderie that happens. We bond as sisters because of a cause that we all hold near and dear to our hearts and boobs.<p><p>

This year we were the PINK SLIPS. We had signs on our butts (pink slips) that said “Breast Cancer You're Fired.” Our bras had picket signs that said “Breast Friends Fight Breast Cancer” “No Downsizing,” “No Forced Reduction,” “Breast Cancer Get Out.” Our theme and outfits were a total collaborative effort. Did you notice that we all had matching breast cancer ribbon earrings on - thanks Monica? Everyone contributed to the ideas and the assembly. Best part - our bras are like little scrapbook pages. And, what's not to love about pink and green boas and being really really silly?<p><p>

I can't wait until next year – 2009, here we come!

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