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Project - white vs. wheat bread -- a classic disagreement

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I can't believe I missed this one when you first posted it! Marvelous layout... perfect story! Definitely sounds like me & my youngest DD. Perfect design & Wonderbread dots!

Clever you! I can't believe that at one time (in the way distant past) I liked white bread, too. Never eat the stuff now, so, maybe there is hope for your dd!

OMGoodness! You are so clever, Karen! Just love this--the bread photos, the Wonder dots, and especially the journaling!

I love the wonder bread circles--everyone instantly recognized that. This was a great way to dig deeper. Very well done!

I am a fan of wheat bread myself.

I never like wheat bread, when I was on WW, I found a great one. SO delicious, can't remember who makes it though. Love the slice of life layout, heehee, pardon the pun.

this is sooo great, love the dots!

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Project - white vs. wheat bread -- a classic disagreement
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Project - white vs. wheat bread -- a classic disagreement
by tapestryintime
posted 09/18/08 at 12:29 PM
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For the Pub Ad Challenge #28. Not hard to go a little deeper with bread (lol.) I've had this layout on my list to do for a while. Love the push that these journaling challenges give me.<p><p>

Bear with me on my layouts lately. Taking my little girl back to college for her second year weights heavily on my mind.<p><p>

Dear fabulous daughter – we don't argue over a lot of small details, but this one makes me a little crazy. You say wheat bread tastes like cardboard. I think wheat bread is healthy for you. It has ended up being one of those classic disagreements we have. It's more than white bread versus wheat bread. It's you exerting your independence and needing to make your own decisions. That said, I wouldn't change one thing about you. I treasure the strong-willed, responsible, unconventional woman you are becoming.

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