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Project - Project Life WK43//2012:captured//december guest


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Project - Project Life WK43//2012:captured//december guest
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Project - Project Life WK43//2012:captured//december guest
by MonicaMcNeill
posted 12/14/12 at 08:03 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Project Life

I so excited to join Lisa in her December session of 2012:captured [] . After two years of Project Life I feel like I have finally figured out which products work for me week after week. I keep turning to letter stickers, labels, stickers, stamps, washi tape and my newest go to, stitching.

Since I use both my DSLR and my iPhone during the week my album tends to be fairly picture heavy. Many weeks I find myself looking for creative ways to add my journaling. Label stickers are by far my favorite product to use week after week. They give me just the right spot to hit the highlights in the same pocket as the picture which lets me fill my 3x4 slots with more pictures.

For those photos that only need a simple caption to tell the story letter stickers do the job. I love that they serve both as my journaling and an embellishment adding just a bit of interest to the layout. I've also made a good dent in my supply by using them every week for my title.

Another great quick and easy embellishment to add interest are stickers. My favorites tend to be phrases, words or simple shapes as they provide the most versatility. I love that I can layer the stickers without creating an extraordinary amount of bulk in my album. This is important to me since I am already running three volumes for my album.

When I do have a longer story to tell stamps are my favorite way to create a unique journaling card. There are so many great Project Life oriented stamps out there right now that it is easy to mix and match them to create something all my own.

My go to trick to create little layers of texture are washi tape and stitching. The choices out there for washi are awesome and ever since I decided to leave my sewing machine set up I find myself using it more often.

By sticking with my favorite go to products I'm able to streamline my weekly process and focus on my favorite part of this project which is telling my family's story.

I started working with Project Life two years ago when my toddler was six months old and I was struggling to find time for scrapbooking. Since then we've grown our family again and my time is limited more than ever. I love Project Life because it is an quick and easy way to tell our story.

Depending on how much time I have in a particular week I'm able to keep my layout simple or really indulge in creativity by playing with my supplies. In fact it's a decision I get to make on a pocket by pocket basis and that fits perfectly with my season of life right now.

The other great advantage of a pocket by pocket approach to documenting our week is that I'm able to work in small bits of time.

Flexibility is what will have me coming back to Project Life again in 2013. These last few months have been particularly busy and I've simply not had enough to fill a two page layout. So instead I'm only using one page layouts. I love that this project can truly be whatever you want it to be at different points in the year, month or even week.


Thanks for looking and thanks to Lisa for having me contribute.
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