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Project - Daily December Part 2


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I really like it a lot! I especially love that you are including some pictures of you!!

Project - Daily December Part 2
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Project - Daily December Part 2
by Susan15341
posted 01/05/11 at 05:56 PM
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1. Back of Day 11 - AG helping with the food pick up for the Food Rescue program we do 2-3 times a month - freezing cold and Day 12 - us at Bailey's dance recital
2. Day 13 - Christmas feet are so happy and Front of Day 14 - Caity at her band concert
3. Back of Day 14 - AG loves the concerts ad Front of Day 15 - Decorations - the only new thing I bought this year was the NOEL
4. Back of Day 15 and front of Day 16
5. Back of Day 16 - AG in one pair of her Christmas jammies, reading Christmas books, and wearing her Christmas tree sunglasses and Day 17 - journaling about how this month was crazy and out of sorts and no baking at all - photo is of AG with a gift bow on her - just loved the pic and wanted to include it!
6. Day 18 - shopping with the kids - all of them were wiped out and willingly watched Beauty and the Beast with AG and Day 19 - decorating the tree, finally
7. Day 20 - AG helping put the angel on the top of the tree - love the pic of her in her jammies - hate that the photo isn't clearer and Day 21 - Gingerbread houses
8. Day 22 - AG helping Mama wrap all presents and Front of Day 23 - Happy Birthday Dada - in the folded page protector -
9. Back of Day 23 - Aunt Jenny and Mema with AG and front of Day 24 - at the Carousel near Grammy and Poppa
10. Back of Day 24 - Christmas Eve service with Grammy and Poppa and front of Day 25 - Hello Santa!
11. Back of Day 25 and front of Day 26 - 11:30 pm on the 25th - looking out at the snow!
12. Day 26 - our snow the next morning!
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