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Project - Somewhere Only We Know

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Project - Somewhere Only We Know
About this project

Project - Somewhere Only We Know
by Ami G
posted 04/06/11 at 05:51 PM
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Borrowed the title from the Keane song. This is my husband, Brian. I got this pic of him flying a kite on the beach during our honeymoon to Alligator Point (FL) in February 1997. We stayed in this beach house for a week (it belonged to a family friend). We often say that we wish we could go back (unfortunately, the house has a new owner now so we can't) and that those were some of the best days because of how peaceful they were. It was February on a Florida beach. Pretty quiet and awesome. :)

The cow card is there because while we were there, we saw a huge plastic blue-and-pink cow in someone's front yard. It kind of stuck with us. :D

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