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Project - Sleep Baby Sleep



Gorgeous lo, that ribbon turned out AWESOME!

I just love the photo, so sweet and innocent. I can't wait to check out the tutorial!


this is so pretty! love how you made your own paper!

Awesome ribbon Kerry!!! The page is gorgeous too-great photo!!

Ribbon looks fantastic. Even looks a little lifted near the end. Was that a little dodge and burn effect?

This is so precious! Love the soft colors and layering!! Perfect!!

Project - Sleep Baby Sleep
About this project

Project - Sleep Baby Sleep
by busy.butterfly
posted 02/18/09 at 01:15 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

For the Digi Challenge I created my own sheer ribbon. Super easy to do. Created the shape then on a seperate layer stroked the outline. Then the first layer I reduced the opacity and finally added some texture.
The pp was ceated by adding the lyrics from an irish lullaby:Sleep Oh Babe, for the red bee hums. The silent twightlight falls, Eva from the grey rock comes to wrap the world in thralls. And lyin there, Oh my child, my joy, my love and hearts desire. The crickets sing you a lullaby beside the dyin fire. Dusk has come and the green mans horn is wreathed in rings of fog; Shivrah sails his boat til Morn along the starry bog. And over it all the Paley moon has gleamed her cusp in dew and weeps to hear this sad sleep tune I sing oh I sing to you.
I ve sung this lullaby to all 3 kids when they were babies but when little dd was sick the other day she wanted to hear it.
Credits:Queen of Quirk(pp), Rhonna Farrer(swirls), Laura Lively (sheep)Shabby Princess (button)
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