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Project - Look at Me

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So much better than three separate photos, isn't it?! You get a real sense of how busy she is. Lovely page!

You can't even tell that this is 3 different photos!
You a brilliant!
Love all the little details in this too!

Sooo pretty! Great visual triangle with all that pink.

This page looks great!!! Love all the elements you used together and your photos are blended together so well.....what a great way to showcase them!

I love this! The elements really worked, the sequins, the text over the flower, the textured pp, all really add to this. The best part is the combined photo though, that turned out awesome! Great lo.

Great job with the photo. I like your color combination. Everything goes together very well.

Project - Look at Me
About this project

Project - Look at Me
by busy.butterfly
posted 07/04/09 at 12:23 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I took these photos last year and never really knew what to do with them but they worked perfectly for the digi challenge. My dd loved seeing three hers!
Supplies: Base pp: Beige Bases by Kate Teague, Middle PP Being Me by Vera Lim, Flower by Laura Lively (I added text over top) Swirl from House of 3,Worn Overlay by Holly McCaig, Bling from Shimmer Winter Kit (Recolored) by Holly McCaig Adventure rub on from Gypsy Brushes by Rhonna Filter (Slightly Altered) Tags from Button Button by Sande Kreiger. Fonts: Type Ta, You Are Loved, Ck Ali's Handwriting.
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