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Project - Plan B Natural Light Assign #2

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This one has been one of my favorites....I am loving all of the blues, not to mention how beautiful your child is. I don't think I can add a technical cc at all. I think you met all the assignment goals and ended up with a beautiful picture. Nice job!

Sooc and PP looks great. It's alittle tilted, or maybe it's just me.
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WOW! The light wraps around his face so softly and beautifully. Great job! Your choice of the three shades of blue on his eyes, sweater and background are so striking set against his light brown hair and soft skin. Add those sweet lips and he's a heartbreaker! Great focus, great edited skin color, and great 1:00 catchlights. I love your crop, however, his hair being darker on the top does not bother me and I wonder what a crop would look like with his whole head. I like the tilted head. To me, if he were looking straight on, he would be too serious as only his eyes are smiling. With his head tilted he looks playful. Lisa

Nice job! He eyes are gorgeous! Beautiful catchlights! I think your shadowing looks nice. The hair doesn't bother me too much!

The catchlights are beautiful. Sooc is a bit dark like mentioned before, but the edit is very nice. He has gorgeous eyes!

What a beautiful boy! I agree with everyone else here, so I can't offer much in the way of cc. I think the lighting and shadows are perfect and the catchlights are great... I'd like to see him &quot;straightened up&quot; a bit too, but that's just me! Nice job...

Project - Plan B Natural Light Assign #2
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Project - Plan B Natural Light Assign #2
by amarvel
posted 06/23/09 at 01:29 AM
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Not sure if i got a true 45 degree or not. I did use a reflector on the camera left side so i didnt get as much shadow. The light kinda cuts off on his hair and i didnt realize until i was PP that i had him on a stool (only way to get him to not run away) and thus higher and i think a part of the blinds blocked some light thus his head is darker…. CC away :)

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