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I don't remember if I posted here before, but I wanted to congratulate you on your weight loss! I am down 40 lbs and I know how hard it is to do. You look absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!! WTG!!! :D

What an awesome accomplishment!! What an inspiration you are!! Thank you for sharing!! Hugs!

just reviewed your work after your post regarding the Recipe album... and I wanted to congratulate you on your weight loss achievement!! you are a beautiful girl . I too, must lose about 50lbs.. for health reasons.. sooo difficult.. since I love to cook (italian) food .. but I'm inspired.. !!! congrats... and I love your pages also.. thanks !!!

CONGRATS!!!!! I love the close up!! You are beautiful! I had at one time lost 116 (I think) With my job going downhill and then getting laid off I have gained several back. You make me realize I CAN do it I DID do it and I WILL do it!!! Thanks for sharing and good luck on the last part of the journey!

Great job! U look great!

Congratulations!! What a fantastic accomplishment!!

WTG you did it the right way, you change your life style and you look wonderful. You should be very proud of your accomplishments


congrats on this great accomplishment, you look FAB!!

congrats! you look so beautiful!

Congrats to you!!! You look fabulous!

Good for you! You deserve to be very proud of your self!

WTG, girl! You look incredible....Congratulations on such a huge

omg! you look amazing!! truly, your accomplishment is a great inspiration.

You look great! Congratulations on your accomplishment and for sticking with it!

What a fab achievement! You are an inspiration!

I am totally adding you to my pea list. I am new to this! However, I am really inspired! Way yo go!

you look wonderful and your t-shirt is so cute!!!

Congratulations to you - that is so amazing! You look beautiful!

That's my girl. I am so proud of you and I am using you as my own diet inspiration. I love ya Ang, you are amazing and a true inspiration to all. Whooo, hooo! That's my pal who has lost all that weight.

:::clap:::clap::::clap, congratulations. As someone who is struggling with my weight and not losing very well, you inspire me to get back on track.

You are beautiful!!!!!!
What an inspiration.

Congratulations! That is wonderful. I hope I can do as well as you did.

Well you look amazing, that's for sure! I bet you feel fabulous, too. You deserve to! Keep up the good work and be sure to show us all the final results! CONGRATS!

Good for you!! :)

What an accomplishment! You look great. Way to go!

You look amazing! Congrats on an awesome achievement and a new lifestyle!


O wow! Congrats to you!

That is AMAZING!! Congrats!

thank you all...I appreciate your kindness, support and encouragement!

Congratulations! I have lost 62 lbs in a year with a little bit to go. I'm sure you feel as good as you look! Way to go!!

AWESOME!!!!!! You look wonderful and have a healthy glow.
I am currently in Weight Watchers and finally feel like I'm in a groove. I hope that I have the same will power that you must have developed.

You look super! Congrats, you must have worked so hard!

Wow...Congrats...that's quite an accomplishment.

Congrats!!! I'm at 54 and counting. Still not half way yet. WONDERFUL for you!!!

How amazing. Congrat's, keep it up

Congrats! You're an inspiration.

Congratulations! You look great!!

Congratulations!!! I agree that you not only look like you have lost but you also look younger. I am on a journey of weight loss myself and it is a hard change in the diet area, but I know that with the support of my family it will happen. :) Congratulations again!

Congratulations! What a great accomplishment. You look so happy and proud!

WOW! You look great! Keep up the hard work!

AWESOME! SO PROUD OF YOU! It is not an easy thing to lose 10 pounds, much less 100 pounds! GOOD FOR YOU!!

Congrats! You must of worked so hard! :) tfs

Congratulations on your success - you not only look 100 lbs. lighter, you look 10 years younger !

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