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Project - {DIYL} Jan. 17, 2010


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Project - {DIYL} Jan. 17, 2010
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Project - {DIYL} Jan. 17, 2010
by craftyluv
posted 01/18/10 at 05:17 PM
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1. On the nights my husband works, I usally get company. So, this is the first thing I see waking up. Used Jess' soft vintage action ‘cause everything (exposure & color was way wonky!)

2. Remotes, 2 phones, a cookbook, Bamboo Fun pen, chocolate…*smile*

3. Usually on one of the weekend mornings, I make a big breakfast. Today it was recipe from the PW cookbook. I also made scrambled eggs with ham, but my family was too hungry to wait for me to snap a pic.

4-7. Self explanatory

8. A portion of the road I live on

9. Check out the funky distortion! HA!

10. Relaxing after church

11. Trying to Pea with a cat on my lap

12. The annual sausage dinner from a local church (not the one we attend, but the food is really good so we patronize! heehee)

13. & 14. Such a good visit! He was feeling good!

15. I was trying to snap a shot of her, but she kept dodging and putting her hands toward the camera, plus I was tickling her @ the same time. I just took the shot without aiming, focusing, checking settings…just held out the camera and snapped. It was such a baaaad shot! lol! Lots of PS and again Jess’ soft vintage action to try to salavage it.

16. Self-explanatory.

This was fun!

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