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Project - PL: week 5 **2012 : captured // february guest**



Nice job!

i am so in love with how you're doing this project - thanks again for contributing!!! =) totally in love with the notebook border on the journaling spot - going to have to try that!

Project - PL: week 5 **2012 : captured // february guest**
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Project - PL: week 5 **2012 : captured // february guest**
by tenmylove
posted 02/15/12 at 09:15 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Project Life: Jan 30 - Feb 5

February Guest for Lisa Truesdell's “2012: Captured” class! []

Product Focus //

I was thrilled when Lisa told me the product focus this month was punches. My mantra for Project Life this year is simplicity; I don’t want to add time or complication to my process. To me, keeping it simple means no fussing or indecision, no die-cut machines, no hand stitching (all tools/techniques that are my usual “go-to’s” for scrapbooking). I knew that if I relied on my typical “crutches” I would never keep up with Project Life. Punches, however, are a great tool to just grab on the go; plus, they add that extra bit of dimension to give your spread a unique look. I had fun using the Fiskars Cloud punch and Fiskars Notebook punch this week and I’ll definitely be adding a few staple punches to my “Project Life pile” so they’re more accessible to me in the future.

Organization //

I’ve found what works best for me is to tackle Project Life on a weekly basis. I don’t even begin to scrapbook my spread until the entire week is over. Since I’m doing a “collage” format and not using the pocket page protectors, it’s easiest for me to sit down after the fact as opposed to doing little-by-little per day. I start with a pile of printed photos (mostly from my camera phone), ephemera from the week, and some notes I’ve taken including any conversations and/or stories I want to tell. After collecting everything I want to use, I anchor the corners of each 8.5x11 page with my photos and fill in the bare space with journaling cards and other ephemera. From there I select a few pieces of color-coordinating patterned paper to fill in which gives my spread a cohesive look. I leave the best step for last: embellishing! At this point, I already have a lot happening on my spread so I only add a few embellishments to polish off the the eclectic look.

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