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Project - Boy oh Boy! Lice!


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Project - Boy oh Boy! Lice!
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Project - Boy oh Boy! Lice!
by dotcomkari
posted 02/28/13 at 03:40 PM
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Journaling reads:
When Asia?s class sent
a note home saying
that they had a lice outbreak in the
class, I just knew from that moment that
we were gunna have lice!
You see, Asia is one of those carrying and kind
children who like to share everything and anything
with another child. Yes, that includes her hair brush
and hats and mittens on the playground! no matter how
many times I have told her not to share those items,
Asia is just that child to share them. Sure enough as soon as
I put on my rubber dish washing gloves and sat Asia down
on my lap to dig through her massive head of messy mash potato
slicked back hair, I saw the critters a crawling away. My child
was infested with LICE! she was a carrier. Right away my mind
raced and I too started itching (I guess that is common for a lot
of moms who find these unwanted guests in their childrens heads)
I thought about my other two children and wondered if they
too had been infested with the gross crawling creatures
that are that of lice. Asia and her big sister, Bianca
share a room, so Bianca was the second head I
checked. Sure enough, combing threw her knotted
blonde hair while she screamed bloodly murder
the critters were there ! Kai was next,
and yup him too! I ended up stripping all the
sheets and treating the whole family for lice.
only to find one treatment was just not enough
for the infested beates that my children lovingly
brought to our home…three
treatments later the lice
had finally met their
maker and we were
finally lice free!
oh the joys of

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