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Project - (not just an) ordinary day

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What a sweet layout. I love this design, simple, clean and very classy. Love the story! Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful - such a wonderful milestone for him to reach!

Very sweet story and I love the LO design too.

Sweet, sweet journaling! Such a wonderful memory to record! :)

Ya, that's the sweetest story ever! What a great design for the page. I love the focus on the journaling.

Sweet journaling on this layout. Beautiful job. Bookmarked!

Project - (not just an) ordinary day
About this project

Project - (not just an) ordinary day
by Snazbot
posted 04/25/13 at 10:15 AM
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Perfect example of how journaling is sometimes needed to tell the story:
“December 8, 2012. One would assume that this date would be memorable to me simply as the day your brother turned six years old. But you, my little master of surprises, had more in store for that day. That evening, after the festivities had died down, I was relaxing on the couch while the three of you were busy playing. You ran over to me, laid your head on my arm, and piped up with ?Yud yoo? before running off to play again. I think my heart stopped, and I know I teared up. The hugs you give often, but you?re still rather stingy with your words, generally only handing those out with prompting and one at a time. This was the first time I had ever heard you say ?I love you? to me, I think ever, but certainly in the past two years. It completely made my day, and even now (months later) I can?t help but smile when I think of it. I yud yoo too, little man. Keep those words a-comin?.”

BG paper from Amy Teets' “Artist at Work” (slightly recolored)
Light kraft paper from July 12 STO culinary collab.
Red paper, ribbon tabs, “i heart you” from Lucky Smith's “Hearts Day” kit.
Blue ribbon from Jen Yurko's “Moody Boys” and white circle from her “Hello You”.

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