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Project - Someplace to be Flying


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Love this lovely colourful page !
Those kites looks awesome

Project - Someplace to be Flying
About this project

Project - Someplace to be Flying
by northcarmen
posted 10/17/13 at 06:37 PM
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This is my response to the CSI (Color Story Inspiration) challenge #93 ( [])

For me, the challenge sparked memories of our trip to a kite festival in 2012, so I chose a couple of my favorite photos from that occasion. My interpretation of the sketch ended up being a bit loose, because the photos took up more space than I originally anticipated, but hopefully you can still see the sketch underpinning my design.

In terms of “cracking the case”…

COLOUR: I used all the inspiration colours, although the background cardstock is a bit darker than in the sample – I did the base of the layout digitally and then my large format printer stopped working, so I ended up having to print it on 8.5x11 paper and cut down the cloud-patterned paper to match.

SKETCH: I used the sketch as the jumping off point for my design, although it is stretched wider and some elements are switched around.

EVIDENCE (CHOOSE AT LEAST 2 ELEMENTS): I used numbers (the 5 cents on the ticket, and numbers on the red button), something dangling (the bakers' twine is looped around and hangs loosely on the page), pinwheel (next to the “LOOK UP” circle), ribbons (on the kite stamp, though not “actual” ribbon), stripes (on the washi tape and two of the triangles), text print (I used a dictionary definition rub-on sheet and applied it to the background), triangles (the coloured triangles on the bottom, and as a tone-on-tone on the white background), string (grey bakers' twine and the kite string), and tags (the green date sticker)

TESTIMONY (CHOOSE AT LEAST 1 ELEMENT): I went to Goodreads and found a book called “Someplace to be Flying” by Charles deLint, who is a Canadian author of urban fantasy novels. In his book, there are beings that can shift between human and animal forms, so I thought the photo of my daughter with tiger face paint was appropriate! I used the packaging from a set of Prima acrylic stamps to write my journaling on, and added the festival dates on a small tag. I didn't use the inspiration words but alluded to both “high” and “unexpected”. My journaling reads: “I knew from my Googling that the Windscape Kite Festival would be a cool experience, but I was awestruck by the scale of the kites (I love that Bob the Builder dwarfs all the people and also seems to be giving the bee a piggyback ride), and also startled and amused by these massive blown-up eyeballs and the (flightless!) penguins.”

Thank you for looking. :) I enjoyed doing this – it is my first non-Project Life layout in months. :)

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