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Project - Many Hues

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Project - Many Hues
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Project - Many Hues
by northcarmen
posted 11/12/13 at 11:12 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This layout was designed in response to Kim Stewart's hand-cut leaves at Cocoa Daisy. I used my new cardstock leaf templates (from a free template I found on-line) to trace and then hand-cut a variety of leaves out of patterned paper, and then gussied them up – some got ink, a couple got heat embossed edges (I used teal and gold glitter Zing), and a couple more got pearly paint. I put together a collage (using a digital template) of images from our town's “All the Nations” showcase, and used a digital patterned paper by Katie Pertiet – an old world map – as a background in the centre of the collage, and added my journaling on top. The title was done with a set of rub-ons – I liked that the Y looks like a fall tree. And then I layered the leaves on top of the collage, bending some and letting them “float” to add some dimension. The flair are from the August travel kit. The outfits the people in the photo are wearing are by and large from their own ethnic heritage (eg. Ukrainian, East Indian) or the country/culture they were born in (eg. Germany, Philippines, Hungary, Canadian First Nations), or one they worked in as missionaries (eg. Philippines, Saudi Arabia). The top center photo is of the “customs inspector” (visitors had to walk through a “customs booth” to come to the showcase), although the child in the photo has lived in both Saudi Arabia and the United States, and his mother spent part of her life in India and Bangladesh. The child in the top right photo is my daughter, who was playing with a globe beach ball.

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