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Project - J is for Journey

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This is gorgeous! I love all the elements you've used.

Project - J is for Journey
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Project - J is for Journey
by cdeplata
posted 07/02/09 at 08:42 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This was a layout I had done for a Creative Therapy challenge. The catalyst was “Did your life turn out how you imagined?”
Oh this was difficult. Immediately, my thoughts turned pessimistic. I'm having a really tough time at work with the integrity of the stuff I produced being questioned and for the past couple of weeks, something new crops up and it begins with my data. I'm just tired of things going wrong and I'm seriously getting burnt out.
But then…I thought about it a little more. And regardless of how bad work is, or how I'm not in the new job I thought I'd be in already after almost three months of waiting, I still have someone who loves me more than anything in the world. He's been so amazing trying to cheer me up, taking me out to get my mind off things, and generally just loving me. Even though all those plans I had years ago that I thought would be done by the time I turned 25 haven't happened yet, I am sharing my life with the most amazing man in the world and that's exactly how my life was meant to turn out.
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