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Project - 'Accio' - a layout for CHA winter challenge #2



Great idea for a wand and I love the twine at the end of it.

Adding the chopstick was a clever idea. It's great how this page still looks so clean with all the embellishments. Great LO

Great LO and your wand is very cleaver.

Great idea to use the chopstick! I really like all the stars and how they're all made of different materials. Your journalling on the slope is great too!

I already praised this on your blog, but will happily praise again. I think it is a wonderful layout! :)

This is a FABULOUS layout! Love the star/wand detail and everything about this--the slant on the journaling,the twine, everything!

Project - 'Accio' - a layout for CHA winter challenge #2
About this project

Project - 'Accio' - a layout for CHA winter challenge #2
by jennifergrace
posted 01/13/13 at 06:06 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This layout is about me and my friends going to see the last ever Harry Potter film at the cinema. For those of you that don't know, ‘Accio’ is a magical summoning charm. I loved the Harry Potter books and going to see the last film was the end of an era!

I scraplifted two concepts for CHA winter 2013 challenge #2.

One was for a swirly twine look, taken from Emily Pitts for Sassafrass, here: []

The second was for lots and lots of stars, like this layout by Corrie Jones: []

I used a chopstick on my page to look like a magic wand, to have all the magical twirls and stars spilling out from! It was a lighter coloured chopstick but I inked it with an ink pad to make it darker. I want a real magic wand :-)
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