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Project - Sweet Cousins



Great work on the photo! Really keeps our eyes on those cuties! Love your page!

I love how they've melted into the paper! It was a tricky photo to work with and the result looks great!

Thsi way you get to see their little faces so much better too. You really did crop the "heck" out of it -but all for the better.

I really like what you did with this distractions--just a great focus on the kids.

Project - Sweet Cousins
About this project

Project - Sweet Cousins
by amycoffeypt
posted 03/05/09 at 10:31 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This one is for the weekly digital challenge. I had these photos of the cousins strung out across the couch, but there were alot of distracting things in the picture and I hadn't figured out how to use it. So, as suggested, I cropped the heck out of it! :) Then I faded the edges which erased a corner of a tablecloth and a busy pillow and covered the little fellow's busy socks with the cluster element. Finally, the smallest cousin on the right seemed to be lost so I framed her with butterflies! Paper, title, leaves, and ribbon from Lil Bakery kit by Kristin Aagard (O'scraps); plume, brad and butterlies from Endless Love kit by belissascraps; flowers from June kit by lauraskathi. Rhonna Farrer Vintage Photo Tools 2 brushes used to blend photo into background paper.
Thanks for looking!
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