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Project - SleepyHead-Stretch Your Sketch

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The inner shadow on your boxes is just so cool!!

This is so cool with the shadow box effect. She is so beautiful. I'll have to try that hairdo with Teagan's hair, but I don't know if she would leave it in. Awesome page.

interesting shadow work to make it look 3D box like

very pretty - I love the soft color palette.

Project - SleepyHead-Stretch Your Sketch
About this project

Project - SleepyHead-Stretch Your Sketch
by jmgesi
posted 04/08/11 at 09:38 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This page is for the March Stretch Your Sketch class. Journaling reads… “Your latest, favorite pretend play is to say, ‘I’m going to bed, Mama.' You gather up your kitties, your ‘snugglies’ (burp cloths), a blanket from your crib, and a pillow and arrange yourself cozily. Then you pretend to go to sleep, usually for about 4 seconds. Then you announce perkily, ‘I’m awake.' Age 2…So precious. Love these moments. Apr. 2011”

For this layout I used:
Lucious Paper Pack & Made With Paper Flowers No. 1 (Katie Pertiet at designerdigitals); Teal Ambition Overlays by Vinnie Pearce; Eyelet Lace Paper Single by Erica Hernandez; The Men in the Family free bonus alpha by Angie Kovacs; and Adorn Shaped Page Masks by Jen Allyson
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