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Project - Puddles? Really?

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How cool is that, tha the butterfly lighted on them long enough for goodbies?! Great story and I like the way the parenthesis bind it all together.

This is very pretty. I love the way you used the papers in the background.

Lovely idea for a lovely layout!

Project - Puddles? Really?
About this project

Project - Puddles? Really?
by jmgesi
posted 09/29/12 at 08:23 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I teach grade 2, and every year I try to get monarch caterpillars for the classroom. One of my chrysalides was almost complete, so I brought it home. When the butterfly emerged, my son immediately decided to name it Puddles. Why? I have no idea! We spent a little time admiring Puddles before releasing him/her.

Credits: ChrissyW's Spring at Last kit
Jen Martakis's Fancy Frames, Fancy Mats,
and Journal Spots-Clean

This is also a scraplift of one of Jen's layouts called “Really?” Here is the link: []
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