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Project - Yesterday-Altered Paper Challenge

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These photos are adorable. Great job on the challenge.

Great pictures! I especially love the one at the bottom right - love the expressions!

Check you out! Distressing with brushes! Great job. I love the photos, so candid and cute.

Project - Yesterday-Altered Paper Challenge
About this project

Project - Yesterday-Altered Paper Challenge
by jmgesi
posted 01/27/13 at 09:58 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I've always loved these silly photos of the kids and me. This is for the digital “alter your paper” challenge. I used several of Jen Martakis's kits and some brushes by Vinnie Pearce.

I started with red cardstock and then used Jen's word art (Love One Another) over and over again in a new layer. I changed the layer type to soft light and then merged with the red cardstock.

Then, I took a dark brown swirl paper and layered it over the red. I changed the layer type to soft light. Before merging it with the red paper, I used a distress brush to “erase” certain parts so that it was easier to read the text on the red paper.

Finally, I opened yet another layer. I filled it with a dark brown color, “texturized” it using a filter,changed it to soft light, and merged.

Jen Martakis's February Kit
Jen Martakis's February Leaves and Swirls Papers
Jen Martakis's Love One Another kit
Vinnie Pearce's Distress It Brush Set 01
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