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Project - Big House

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Our kids got to colour a space shuttle cardboard box kit that was at a park one day - they loved it. Fantastic page, and I love those hanging hearts.

That looks a fun gift, looks like the cat enjoyed it too (as I type one of ours is sitting in the too small jigsaw box!). I really like the striped background and cut out effects.

This is adorable. Love those hanging hearts.

The hanging hearts were perfect for this! Totally cute.

Project - Big House
About this project

Project - Big House
by jmgesi
posted 02/12/13 at 08:40 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

The kids love this big, cardboard house we got them for Christmas. They colored parts of it, then moved right in. The cat loves it, too. She can often be found lounging inside.

I used supplies by Jen Martakis. The hanging hearts, the label, the hearts, and the flower are all from her digital cuts kit. The kit can be used with cutting machines, but there are also png files for digital scrappers.

Credits (All supplies by Jen Martakis):
Digital Cuts Hanging Hearts
Digital Cuts Flowers and Hearts
Digital Cuts Little Labels 1
Coffee Love Kit (brown paper)
Live and Love Kit (all other papers)
White Space No. 2 Template
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