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Project - Mexico Spring Break



Love the colors!!

This is absolutely stunning! I love the pierced accents in between the borders of the hexagons. I love all the layers and oh my! So gorgeous!

Love the idea of piercing holes in the paper. I got the paper and was looking for some creative ways to use it not just as a background. I love the idea of no sew. I'm not into sewing. I love the look just don't have the time or interest in buying and sewing things. love the under water pics :) I too have been snorkeling. (great barrier reef off the coast of Australia if you haven't been I highly suggest it) I took some underwater disposables with me on the trip. although they weren't the greatest pics I still love them.

This is gorgeous, Nancy!! I need to know where those caves are!! :D

Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking. The first thing that came to mind was 'I want to go there'. I really like the way you've used a hodgepodge of papers for the layout too. The whole thing is beautiful.

love, love, love this!!

Project - Mexico Spring Break
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Garden Girl

Project - Mexico Spring Break
by NancyDamiano
posted 03/19/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

These pictures were taken in Mexico a few years ago with an underwater camera. We were lucky enough to snorkel through some of the most amazing caves and rivers I've ever seen. I wanted to remember this trip and this experience. It was literally like being dropped in an episode of ‘Lost’.

Most of the layout was made with My Mind's Eye Be Amazing line. I love how the yellow and grays in the line made the photos pop. I cut the honeycomb paper and then using a piercer, poked little holes all along the white edges. This just made the shape stand out a little more without having to sew all the way around the intricate shapes. TFL!
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