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Project - Themed Projects : Why I Scrapbook


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Project - Themed Projects : Why I Scrapbook
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Project - Themed Projects : Why I Scrapbook
by gavinsmum
posted 01/15/07
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as a creative outlet. to play with a bevy of scrapbooking supplies. to record memories. thoughts. quotes. random sayings … you get the point. i scrapbook for me and all my different reasons, whatever they may be. scrapbooking makes me happy & in the end, that's why i do it.

<p><b>Layout How-To:</b><p>1. Create an 11 X 8.5 300 dpi document in PSE.<p>2. Fill the background with a light black color. Using the circle tool, draw a circle and drag to the very edge, so part goes off the canvas. Do this twice with a white outline and green outline.<p>3. Using your rectangle tool, draw a rectangle as shown and fill with green.<p>4. Format title/journaling/4.<p>5. Open flower brush from its corresponding kit, and drag and resize as shown. Lower opacity and layer over title.<p>6. Open flower transparency from 2Organic Kit to one shown. Erase all color. Drag on to canvas, and place as shown. (Most of the transparency will be off the canvas). Reduce opacity.<p>7. Open “enjoy” parisian brush and resize and lower opacity. Place as shown.<p>8. Use Crazy Template Kit to round edges of layout.<p><b>Supply List:</b><p>Crazy Template Kit: Erica Hernandez<br>Organic Paper Kit: Rhonna Farrer<br>Funky Florals Kit: Rhonna Farrer<br>Parisian Brush Kit: Rhonna Farrer<p>TFL! D. :)
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