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Project - CHA Challenge # 2

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Cute! I love the movie ELF! So fun! Loving the snowflakes, although I like mookie19's suggestion of adding jewels to the snowflakes for added sparkle. ;)

I love the music and snowflakes!

Like the snowflakes and the fact that they are not all the same paper. I would put some clear rhinestones in the center of some for added sparkle. Good job!

Project - CHA Challenge # 2
About this project

Project - CHA Challenge # 2
by KBPea
posted 01/14/13 at 07:52 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I scraplifted the line of punched images from the LO “Can We Watch a Craft Video” by soaphousemama and the strips of Washi/paper from “hot date” by JenniferSWilson. Not sure if I did their work justice, but it was fun trying! Bonus: with the exception of the white cardstock, all the paper here was from my scrap pile!

For the Glitter Girl challenge: I just this title because for some reason I had that line from the movie Elf in my head, even though this page has nothing to do with that movie. I chose the font because I am trying to use my Slice more, but I was feeling lazy and this design card was already in my machine. I do like the font though.

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