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Project - Paisley Button Thank You Card


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Project - Paisley Button Thank You Card
About this project

Project - Paisley Button Thank You Card
by smuncy
posted 01/31/09 at 05:37 PM
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The bright colors and patterns in this paper make my heart sing! A great card for everyday use.

Paisley Button Thank You Card
Finished Size: 3 ¾” x 5 1/8”
Orientation: Horizontal


1 piece, AC Cardstock A2 Envelope, 4” x 5 ½”, Vanilla
1 piece, AC Cardstock Christmas, 12” x 12”, Textured, Solid Core, Heavy Weight, Cinnamon
1 piece each, My Mind’s Eye Papers Item #MMEBK1, 12” x 12”, Paisley, Stripe, Polka Dot, Cream, and Small Floral
Large Button (2 holes), Blue
2 Small Grommets, Brown
Stampabilities Stamp, 02 OR1025, Thank You
Distress Ink, Vintage Photo (brown)
Pencil (optional)


Hole Punch
Grommet Setter
Glue Runner
Paper Cutter
Scoring Blade
Bone Folder
Small Scissors
Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive
Small Self-Adhesive Velcro Dots (optional)


1. Line Envelope:
a. Cut striped paper to 5 1/8” x 5 3/8” ensuring that stripes are running vertically.
b. Using glue runner put down a strip of adhesive inside envelope on flap side up to the point where the flap folds over. Do not put adhesive on flap yet. Insert hand or pencil into envelope and hold front and back apart.
c. Gently slide in striped paper making sure it is all the way down to the bottom and square before removing hand/pencil. Once you are sure it is position properly remove hand/pencil and smooth down adhering paper to inside of envelope. Carefully close flap of envelope making a crease in striped paper where flap folds over.
d. Open envelope back up and place adhesive around edges of back of striped paper. Press flat and smooth. Refold envelope flap to deepen crease. Set envelope aside for later use.

2. Card Assembly:
a. From 12” x 12” AC Cardstock (Cinnamon) cut a strip measuring 5 ¼” x 9 5/8”. With smooth side up score strip at 3 7/8” and again at 1 7/8”. Fold card on creases and using
bone folder smooth creases to divide card into 3 separate sections. Turn card horizontally and place 1 7/8” flap at top. Smooth side will be interior of card.
b. From paisley paper cut a rectangle 3 ¾” x 5 1/8”. Using glue runner adhere paisley paper to bottom front flap of card. Trim edges if necessary using small scissors.
c. From small floral paper cut a rectangular strip 1” x 5 1/8”.
d. From striped paper cut a tiny strip 1/8” x 5 1/8” wide with stripes running vertically. Using Quick-Dry Adhesive sparingly attach tiny strip to top edge of small floral strip. Trim edges if necessary using small scissors.
e. Using glue runner attach small floral rectangle to 1 7/8” top flap of card centering vertically approximately ½ from top and bottom of flap.
f. Punch holes for grommet horizontally 1 3/8” from left and right side of 1 7/8” top flap and centering vertically in center of small floral rectangle. Attach small brown grommet to each hole with grommet setting tool.
g. From polka dot paper cut rectangle 1 ½” x 3 7/8”.
h. From cream paper cut rectangle 1” x 3 1/8”.
i. Using Vintage Photo brown ink and Stampabilities stamp place Thank You message in center or cream paper rectangle. Let dry and attach to polka dot rectangle centering on all sides.
j. Attach polka dot rectangle to inside center flap of card approximately ½ down from the top fold and 5/8” in from the left and right edges of cinnamon card stock.
k. Thread twine through grommet holes on back of 1 7/8” top flap. Fold flap down and thread each end of twine through back of button. Tie a bow on top of button centering it in middle of card. Cut edges to length with small scissors.
l. If desired attach small Velcro dot to back of top flap and bottom front polka dot flap to hold card closed.

Created by Sandy Muncy February 27, 2009.
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