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Project - My Scrapbook Process



that is awesome I wish I could function like this

this is pretty cool! this process also allows you to just grab and go to crops without having to worry about packing a bunch of unnecessary items :) great job!

Wow! I love your planning process. Thanks for the great tips!

awesome idea

Thanks for sharing! Love all the details you included.

What a great process. I particularly love how you print contact sheets of all the photos that could be used for a layout before narrowing your choice down to fit your design. I'll definitely use this in my own process. TFS!!!

Project - My Scrapbook Process
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Project - My Scrapbook Process
by ca angel
posted 11/13/12 at 04:27 PM
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I've posted about my scrapbook process a few times over the years. Well I finally have some picture examples so I though I would share. FYI- I am totally a type A/Planner person so this probably wouldn't work for some one who likes to just go with the flow. I don't print my pictures until I have a plan!

In a nutshell
1.Select my pictures (on the computer) and create a contact sheet per LO
2. Pick a sketches per LO
3. Assemble kits (papers, embellies make notes on the contact sheet re cropping and photo sizes)
4. Crop all pictures at one time and upload for printing
(3 and 4 can go in any order)
5. Once I have a complete kit I work on one LO at a time until it is done.

All the details

1. I usually pick all my pictures at the same time for about 10-15 LO. I print 1 contact sheet for each Lo using picassa. Before I used picassa I would just put the pictures on a page in word. Picassa prints the title of the folder and photo name which is usually a date for me. Somepages will only have 1 pic others will have 7-9.

2. I use sketches/scraplift for everything. So I find a sketch/lo for each of my LOs. I like ones that already have the dimensions. I put each set in its own 12x12 page protector that I reuses for kits only. I sometimes copy the sketch on the contact sheet with any necessary modifications and make note of paper sizes, photo sizes, borders, coloring (bw) and croping orientation. I also make any notes that come to mind regarding journaling and titles or even papers that I want to use.

3. Then I either crop pictures in pse and upload them for printing
4.I start pulling papers and embellies. A lot of the time I end up starting on my pages (cutting papers) without even having my pictures. Since I already know exactly what size my pictures will be and any motifications I'm making to the original sketch it is really easy to start and add my pics when I get them.

5. If I don't have time to finish a LO it is easy to just put everything back int he page protector. When I do finish a LO I have a contact sheet for each one. If I was keeping track of how many LO I make it would be pretty easy to count!

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