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Project - 3day PL School Album [Updated]



Fantastic job! i love everything about it!

I love the year in art layout! What a great way to show all of the projects!

Great job!! Love your ideas and format! I'm excited to see it finished!

Great album!

Looks great so far!


Project - 3day PL School Album [Updated]
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Project - 3day PL School Album [Updated]
by ca angel
posted 05/08/13 at 10:18 PM
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2/2014 Update
I filled in some photos of the added pages. I also completed his first year of PS so look for that album too. I added a bunch of drawings, either the actual ones or scanned and printed ones. I also added a BH Big Envelope Page with some projects & papers from school. This made the album very big so I may end up putting those items in DS's memory box instead.
The last photos is of the album with just the two years and 2 Big Envelope Pages. You can see that it is already starting to V. I still need to add DS'S JK year which has a TON of art work. Definitely need to take something out to make it all fit!
Check out pages from DS's 2day PS here []
This is one year from my DS's school album. I'm hoping to fit at least 3 maybe 4 years in each album. I used mostly PL pages with some WRMKs. The PL cards are from the Bridgeport Childhood Mini Kit. I also created some of my own cards.

Some pages are still a work in progress so you will see some post-it notes with possible page titles and notes. I still need to add a few more pieces of memorabilia and will probably use a Big Pocket from BH.

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