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Project - Themed Projects : Everyday Anthony


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Project - Themed Projects : Everyday Anthony
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Project - Themed Projects : Everyday Anthony
by carver
posted 05/15/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

What can I say about Anthony? He's my little nephew and he is the cutest thing! This is actually an old pic (he'll be two in less than a month) but I saw it the other day and it made me remember how quickly time has passed. I can't believe he was a baby here and now he's a rambuctious runner who gets into everything and loves to scream. He is small in size but he acts like such a big boy (in part because he's got two older sisters and lots of older cousins) so he doesn't quite act his age. Anyway, this page is not about much else other than him…my little cutie nephew…back when he was just 8 months old! :)<p>

Here are some steps for creating this page in Photoshop CS2:<p>

(1) The first thing I did was open my digital papers and my photo. I cropped all of these into perfect squares and/or rectangles. I then dragged the cropped images over to a new 12 x 12 blank layout.<p>

(2) I aligned all the papers and the photo using the Layers > Align command. I centered the photo in the middle/top of the page and then just kind of worked the papers around it.<p>

(3) Next I added elements and brushes from the “Strokes and Splatters” and “Borderlines 4” kits to give the image edges a painted/washed look.<p>

(4) I recolored the papers to match with my photo using the Hue/Saturation feature.<p>

(5) I added a brush from the “Background Brushes” kit over one of my papers to give it an extra kick. On top of this, I added a heart embellishment from the “Amore” kit.<p>

(6) And finally I added my text, which in this case was just Anthony's name.
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