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Project - Themed Projects : Snuggle Up!

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Love everything about this layout...the title...the outfits...the girls! Too cute!!

Project - Themed Projects : Snuggle Up!
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Project - Themed Projects : Snuggle Up!
by carver
posted 07/01/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I loved these little dresses when I saw them in Baby Gap but, being from South Florida, I knew we wouldn't get much use out of them here. Well, how happy was I when we went to Georgia and it was nice and cold and snuggly weather…perfect! Not only did the girls use these dresses, but I just had to document the occasion. I wanted to take pictures of them with the outfits and it was so cold that they kept cuddling up for every picture. Cute stuff! Perfect for July's “winter” theme. :)<p>

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