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Project - Themed Projects : You Matter


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Project - Themed Projects : You Matter
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Project - Themed Projects : You Matter
by carver
posted 12/01/07
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My middle child. My one-of-a-kind-super-sensitive-and-sweet, middle child. I always want him to feel special. I always want him to know what he means to us. I feel this constant need to reaffirm him of it. That's what this page is about and here's what I wrote:<p>

<i>I've seen you like this many times…just sitting around kind of staring off into space, lost in some thought or daydream. You often separate yourself from the group and use your alone time to recharge or regroup. And that's okay. It's good to be by yourself sometimes. But what I hope – what I strive for as a mom – is to make sure that you never feel alone. You are our middle child. That brings such a unique dynamic to your personality. Lately you have really sought the need to feel validated and appreciated. In fact, you've become a little bit jealous of our time and attention – something that never happened before. But I want you to know today, and always, that you are a very important part of our family. You are such a special individual with so much to offer in your own right. I hope you never feel the shadow of your brother looming over you, or the weight of your sisters to be carried. You are Sebastian. You are a one-of-a-kind unique person who we love. Sometimes you may feel overlooked but I hope you always know that you are not overlooked by us, nor by God, who created you to be just who you are. He placed you right where you needed to be and even when it doesn't feel like that, I hope you always believe it because it's true.</i>
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