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Project - Themed Projects : Somewhere In The Middle **Inspired by Patr


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Project - Themed Projects : Somewhere In The Middle **Inspired by Patr
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Project - Themed Projects : Somewhere In The Middle **Inspired by Patr
by carver
posted 04/01/08
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>The first thing I noticed about Patricia's&nbsp;gallery&nbsp;is her unique ability to contrast bright colors in specific areas of her layouts. Her&nbsp;thumbnails always catch my eye and I love how detailed her &quot;simple&quot; layouts really are.&nbsp;So when selecting a layout to use for this month's garden, this one instantly jumped out at me. The black background against a sea of neutrals just popped off the screen for me and I knew instantly that I wanted to imitate the color scheme she used. <br />
<br />
The topic behind my layout is not necessarily a happy one. This is one of those therapeutic journaling layouts that kind of details where I am right now. I've had a difficult few months and I know I'm not out of the woods yet. We've had some losses in our family and other struggles, and situations that seem to just be bigger than me. With things so overwhelming and out of my control lately, I felt the need to&nbsp;write things&nbsp;down to sort of help me compartmentalize&nbsp;and work through it. The black background is clearly symbolic of my mood these days but the bright colors represent my hope.</p>
<p>I think that's what drew me to Patricia's layouts…the contrast between the simple and the complex…the way her topics always catch your eye and you find yourself zooming in on one particular thing and staring at it for awhile. Although my design and style may not be a direct imitation of Patricia's original creation, I was definitely inspired by her on many levels when creating this page!</p>
<p>Thanks Patricia for the inspiration! :) :) :)</p>
<p>~ V</p>
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