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Project - Themed Projects : Silly/Messy


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Project - Themed Projects : Silly/Messy
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Project - Themed Projects : Silly/Messy
by carver
posted 05/01/08
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>I'm sure many digi scrappers can relate to my predicament…</p>
<p>I've got tons of kits…</p>
<p>…tons of stuff…</p>
<p>but I feel like I'll never get to use &quot;all&quot; of it. There are lots of individual items in each of the kits that I want to use and I thought May's theme was perfect to &quot;mix and match&quot; from many of the digi goodies I've gotten here at Two Peas.</p>
<p>That's one of the awesome things about digital scrapping…you just keep piling layer upon layer and playing around with all the options available, and before you know it, you've managed to use a bunch of stuff that you might have never gotten around to putting together in the first place. You can recolor and resize and make everything look &quot;brand new&quot; even if&nbsp;you've used it before. Or you can gather pieces from different designers and&nbsp;compile them into an &quot;eclectic&quot; design.&nbsp;I challenged myself for this month to try to accomplish all three of those things. I wanted to bring everything together in one place with consistent colors and a uniform look but I was also trying to achieve an eclectic page. In the end, I used <span style=“font-size: medium”><span style=“color: #339966”><span><b>13 kits </b></span></span></span>to put this page together. How's that for <i>&quot;Using Your Stash&quot;</i> digi-style? :) :) :)</p>
<p>~ V</p>
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