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Project - Color and Kyndal


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Project - Color and Kyndal
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Project - Color and Kyndal
by oldvwblues
posted 09/10/09 at 08:21 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This is the result of our cable going out for several hours internet, no phone, no
TV…so it was playtime and I just started messing around in Photoshop and playing with some filters I had bought quite a while back and hadn't really done anything with lately. That
is where the “stamps” came from..I was playing with colors and mixing colors I like together
and used the water color filter. Then I used a filter called Twisting Pixels and used it to make
the stamp edge on them. Then used AV Brothers Page curl..curled the edges of the stamps
and then made a little fold in the edge of the note paper clipped to the photo. The photo was
actually the last thing added to the rest..kind of done in reverse! But it was all for
fun…therapy if you would! That's what scrapping is to me…it's fun, relaxing, therapeutic..a
great stress reliever…it's putting together all kinds of cool things from our wonderful designers
and seeing what happens…it's art, it's saving moments in time of special people, memories,
it's color and love! Forgive my ramblings!
font used Milk & Cereal
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