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Project - Flip Flop Shop (Scrapbooking the Cruise)

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Project - Flip Flop Shop (Scrapbooking the Cruise)
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Project - Flip Flop Shop (Scrapbooking the Cruise)
by katiescott
posted 04/18/13 at 07:51 AM
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We went on a family cruise on Carnival's new ship the Breeze over Spring Break. There were ups and downs but overall we had a fantastic time. One of our minor disappointments was that we ended up going to Key West instead of Turks & Caicos, on top of that, my son didn't even get off the boat in Key West and my daughter saw this excursion as a chance to get flip flops rather than seeing the sights. My husband had booked us on a catamaran snorkeling trip but cancelled it because it was just too cold and blustery. So he and I were a little less than thrilled to go to Key West - which is a lovely place - but just wasn't on our itinerary, we did try to make the best of it and we did go to the aquarium which was fun.

Journaling: “Mac didn't even want to get off the boat and we were all a bit disappointed that it wasn't Turks & Caicos - but Allison used Key West as her chance to score some new flip flops. ” “Making the best of our last minute detour to Key West - Spring Break 2013.”

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