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20  Comments - Portraits in Black and White - Jeanne and Paddy

The circles are so, so cool!

this is really pretty! love the rows of circles.

Now that looks very cool! Great work here and I love the photos.

Simply beautiful! Love the monochromatic look.

Great job with the digi embossing!

Nice job with the digi embossing. I like the monochromatic color.

Cute pics! I like the monochromatic look!

The digi embossing is awesome!! Great photos!

Great job with the digi embossing! Love all the texture and dimension on this layout! Great job with the monotone look also!

Oh,I like how the photos pop and the border of circles highlight the black & white...

oh this is cute! you did a good job on the embossing look. good work!

Very cool effect. The embossing really takes centre stage when used on a monochromatic page.

what a great job embossing. love the monochrome look

like the monochrome and hurray for trying the digi embossing



Wow, I think this looks great!! The embossing is wonderful, good job!

Nice! I love those circles in the background. Perfect for b&w.

Look at you, an embossing pro now. Love it. Thanks for playing along.

Great job on this. That embossing is really cool. Also love the circle background. Nicely done.

Those circles are COOL!

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