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17  Comments - Love

Your layout is just gorgeous. My daughters are home from college, looking over my shoulder and commenting on how much they love this! :-)

Congratulations, this is beautiful and so well done!

This is gorgeous!

Perfect :-)

This layout is perfection!! Seriously one of the most beautiful ones I've seen so far!


@fiddlerontheroof you can find cute one at michaels for 5$. ;)

I need to buy some watercolors :-)

This is amazing.

oh my this is just perfect wow thumbs up

Simply beautiful!

@fiddlerontheroof yes, I used actual watercolors for the page. I used lot of water for the droplets.
Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! :)


SO pretty and you gave me an idea about a jar stamp I have..thank you!!

Incredible colors!

Amazing! Did you use actual watercolors for the jars and drops of color?

Love this

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