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Project - You & Me

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THANK youm you guys are too sweet! <3 Some pink, purple, teal and gold. Don't think it's visible in the pic, but the paints are a tad bit metallic and sparkly... love those paints!

Love your background

Ooh, pretty background! I love this color combo!

Project - You & Me
About this project

Project - You & Me
by jenandtricks
posted 05/12/13 at 12:59 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I made this for one of the NSD challenges on Shimelle Laine's blog: “Using Paint on Your Scrapbook Pages”
( [] )

I love paint of all sorts and have a whole drawer full of different kinds, yet I often forget to use them, even though they are so versatile! So this challenge spoke to me (or maybe it was the paint in my drawers that spoke to me)…

I must start with defending my choice of photo. I love this photo so much, even though I am acting like a funny monkey and Mr Boo is rolling his eyes and taking a deep breath. Because I know that the next time the roles will be the opposite.

Or, what happens most of the times, is that we both are acting like funny monkeys.

We just love monkeying around, basically. That's who we are.

So I made this layout a bit tongue in cheek! <3

Also, may I say, how much I ADORE Allison Kreft?! Used her papers both from Echo Park and Webster's. Love love love!

I have blogged a bit more aboyt the project here: []
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