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Project - Oh Toodles!

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Nice balance of all the elements!

Love the striped enamel dots! Cute page!

Awww... I love it! Your title is perfect with the little mickey heads. :)

Great story & cute page!

Awwww, what fabulous journalling! And I love your clean design and the cute stripey enamel dots!

Fab layout, love your page design and your title is so cute!

Project - Oh Toodles!
About this project

Project - Oh Toodles!
by jalapenette
posted 06/04/14 at 09:34 PM
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For Stashbusters challenge, prompt #1, use a repeating shape. I have a couple repeating shapes- I have the mickey mouse ears and also the repeating enamel dots.

Here is the journaling so you don't have to squint if you are curious:

Oh, Adam. This was so funny, but so sad at the same time. We had already warned you once not to put your foot through the rails of the fence, because your shoe might come off and fall into the pond. So of course you did it again, and by the time I saw what was going on it was too late. You were pulling your foot back through and the fence was pulling your shoe off your foot. In a second your shoe was in the water, while we were in line waiting to meet princesses. The little girl in front of us in line was pretty upset on your behalf. She said, ?Oh no! We need a mouse-ka-tool. OH TOODLES! TOODLES!? She legitimately believed Toodles would save us since we were at Disneyland! We flagged down a staff member as fast as we could and they brought a long stick with a grabber at the end, but not before the shoe had been in the water for several minutes and managed to float under a bridge. We had to let your shoe air out and dry out for a while, so you met the princesses with only one shoe on!

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