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Project - DIY floor model clip it up



Thanks for the comments. It's been a while since I made this and I'm still loving it. It is now very full with the top rack about 70% Cricut cartridges.
I buy the little clips at J's or M's whenever there is a 50% or better coupon.
I love having the rolling "thing" (no idea what it's really called, lol) on the bottom. I can easily pull it out to scrap with and then roll it back into the corner where it lives.
Just as an FYI about the clips - I get my hubby to bend the loop with needle-nose pliers so that the items hang properly. It's easy to do but I get him to do it anyway, lol. Enjoy!

what a fabulous way to repurpose that shoe rack. now i want one. LOL!!

very cool idea! might have to look into this.

You are going to love this!!! I did this with the same type of shoe rack from Wal-mart for $19.99. I decided to use binder rings instead of clips because they are so much cheaper. You can get 100 count 1 1/4" binder rings for $2.49. You can also buy bigger sizes.

I can easily see all my embellishments and use them now. I'm determined not to buy anything and use my stash until it is depleted.

Here is a you-tube video someone posted a couple of weeks ago. I can't find the original post where I copied the idea from.

Where did you find the shoe rack in BJ's??? great idea! :)

Great job with this!

Project - DIY floor model clip it up
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Project - DIY floor model clip it up
by Mom2sons
posted 02/10/11 at 07:09 PM
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Thanks to the suggestions of several peas I made a DIY clip it up using a shoe rack from BJ's and clips from Joann's. It's 4 tier shoe rack however I removed the bottom tier to allow for longer items to hang down. I contemplated removing the shoe holder parts (snipping off, lots of work) but then decided to leave them as is so that I can use them as baskets for misc. stuff that can't be hung.
Shoe rack was $21.99 at BJ's. Bags of clips were $3.99 for set of 21 at Joann's. I bought 8 bags altogether but have only used 4 so far. I'm only half way finished hanging up stuff, lol.
I also used a suggestion from another pea to put the Cricut cartridges in plastic bags and hang them from the top rack.

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