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Project - Why? *Glitter Girl Challenge #12*



This layout is so boy - perfection! I love the title too, its not the regular "pool" title. Definitely going to reference this, as I have a 10 year old now..

Oh yes, lol!!!!! I have an 11 y/o boy that does the same thing!!!! My girl is pretty good with pic taking, she will be 14 in August but my boy like I said really does not like the camera!!! Love this page!!!

Love your layout! Fun bright colours.

And the why? with the boy's expression. Made me smile.

Love all of your projects here so far.

Love from Ingrid

Really like your layout, especially the fact that you used up some scraps, isn't it fun trying to get teens to let you take their pictures?

This is great! I love the fact that you used scraps to make it. Awesome! The papers work so well together too. Great job!

Project - Why? *Glitter Girl Challenge #12*
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Project - Why? *Glitter Girl Challenge #12*
by scrapbookdiva
posted 04/02/12 at 02:59 PM
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I'm pretty proud of this layout as everything except the cardstock base is made of scraps. Even the embellishments are bits and pieces from other page kits.

My journaling makes me giggle and anyone who's scrapping teens knows what I'm talking about.

“Dear Nick,
Why oh why does every vacation album have a photo of you doing this pose? FYI, if I don't take photos of you, someday you'll accuse me of liking your sister more that you. I'm just trying to spare you years of resentment and possible therapy, so JUST LET ME TAKE THE DARN PHOTO, WILL YOU?
Love, Mom
PS: And it wouldn't kill you to smile once in a while, either.”


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