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Project - Clean Scrapbook Area

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I think it looks great and you are very organized. I love Black bookcase.

Project - Clean Scrapbook Area
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Project - Clean Scrapbook Area
by mopeasplz
posted 11/09/12 at 10:38 PM
via Two Peas for iPhone
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I don't have a craft room so I have this little corner in my living room by the the back yard which isn't big. Okay this is a bookshelf that hold scrapbook supplies that I use most often. I store my other supplies in my master closet which is pretty big, but hate going in there for my supplies. I got the pink locker bins from Office Depot on clearance and in them I store PL items, punches, adhesive and pens. The second to last shelf holds some of my mini albums. The bottom shelf is for my homeschool books. I also keep my kits I make for certain projects in those two boxes on the floor. Well that's one of my areas I store my supplies. Thanks for looking.

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