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Project - The Pier -Maja Design

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Project - The Pier -Maja Design
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Project - The Pier -Maja Design
by Jennifer Snyder
posted 01/29/13 at 04:55 AM
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Maja Design has a collection of paper that will satisfy your every crafty desire. Right now I desire a seaside warm escape. ahhhhh.

This is a photo that I took in July 2011 at the Naples, Florida Pier. When I am here with my husband, it is my favorite place on the planet. We go visit this place every year and I find such peace here.

I accented with some shells that I picked up at that very beach. Makes this page even more special for me.

The papers I chose are comforting and soothing. The Maja Designs, “Life by the Sea ” Collection was made for my seaside escape.
Maja Designs Life By The Sea Collection - Bottle Message (Background)
Maja Designs Life By The Sea Collection - The East Coast - (Bottom Layer Stripes and top layer)
Maja Designs Life By The Sea Collection - The West Coast -( Middle Blue Stripes layer)

Join us monthly for a chance to win a collection and please contact Two Peas and ask them to carry these gorgeous collections.

Here is my blog for some close ups. []

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