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Project - Escape Kitty in the Garden

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Project - Escape Kitty in the Garden
About this project

Project - Escape Kitty in the Garden
by Jennifer Snyder
posted 02/08/13 at 05:04 AM
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Here is Escape Kitty's Prima BAP entry for January 2013. The beautiful design was done by Felicity Wilson.
(Kitty says this page makes her green eyes pop - a little mascara and she's set for a photo shoot)

Now you may notice the little Prima chippy at the bottom that says “Royalty”. I did not glue that there. Kitty picked out this little piece all on her own. One that she feels is befitting her highness. Kitty went a wee bit wild with the mists and inks. Her belief - if no one in this house is gonna use the inks, by golly, then she is. Supplies are meant to be used and not stashed. ( I am not a big mist user and apparently Kitty thinks me to be a bit of a product hoarder).

So now, there are bottles around with red and green paw prints all over them.

On these wintery days when Kitty is feeling snowy and frosty, she decided to remember warmer brighter days and scrap to her hearts delight.

She does have that dreamy expression on her face of cat wonderment and curiosity. She hasn't gotten away in a while. She has not gone on any wild adventures or seen her pals in a bit. Being stuck inside all winter is so difficult when you are a cat of the world.

Thanks for looking at Miss Kitty's art work.
Her blog has a funny photo of what happens to Kitty when she does go outside in the snow.. go check her out….make sure the same doesn't happen to you in the snow! []

Copyright 2013 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyde

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