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Project - My Butterfly Daydreamer

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Magnifique !

Lovely photo!

Awww what a beautiful baby - he looks like my Winston. I love this page, the colours are so pretty and delicate.

This is so soft and pretty, and that photo is just beautiful!

What a sweet kitty! I love your LO and the story behind it.

Project - My Butterfly Daydreamer
About this project

Project - My Butterfly Daydreamer
by Jennifer Snyder
posted 02/27/13 at 03:57 PM
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Here is my take on Kaisercraft Sketch week 2 using the gorgeous Marigold collection.

The sketch was inspired by Hetty Hall's layout, “Cheeky Smile”.

He is Escape Kitty's cat brother - his name is StayBehind Cat. He is not adventurous and is not brave at all. In fact, I call him my butterfly daydreamer because he would be happy sitting and watching bugs, spiders and butterflies all day long. He is a happy and content in his surroundings.

He has no need for Escape Kitty's foolish endeavors to run about the world. For him, home is where the heart is. Apparently all the best bugs too.

So how did I get him to pose? I think he was staring at a spider way up on the ceiling. Now, I could not see the spider, just so you don't think my house is a giant trap for all kinds of spiders (hahaha) -but he is usually not wrong when it comes to crawling and fluttering things. So I have to ‘fess up and say there must have been something moving on my ceiling that caught sweet darling StayBehind Cat’s attention.

There are details on my blog. Thanks a million for your kindness. []

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