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Project - Naples Sunset

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love this

WOW--this is gorgeous! Love the textures and details, so very fabulous!

Project - Naples Sunset
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Project - Naples Sunset
by Jennifer Snyder
posted 06/03/13 at 04:17 AM
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This is the sunset on Naples beach in Florida. I love this place and I never tire of the sunsets.

So every year when it comes time to pack my suitcase, I stick my tripod into my case and leave out some shoes. A great choice for me as I have more fun with my camera than I have with sandals. Don't get me wrong - I love sandals too - but I can buy some when I am there.

We go to the beach at sunset - every night. I set my tripod up. Husband sets his beach chair up. Works out perfectly and we are both happy. I must have a hundred or more sunset shots yet each sunset is so different in drama and color. I always tell my husband that this one is even prettier than the night before.

Then I pick up some shells and stash them away to bring home and use on my art stuff. Makes my projects extra special for me.

The black of the ZVA Creative pearl flourish represents the dark shadows of the water.
ZVA Creative - CRS-06CA-102 Jet Crystals

Thanks for sharing this sunset with me. There are close ups on my blog: []

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