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Project - My very own scrap room!



Great space, great lighting, great storage, great seating, great decor........JUST GREAT!!!

I love your pitched roof. Beautiful room

Love your craft room!!!

Love your craft room!!!

Amazing...I wish I had one like that ;) thanks for sharing

I would love this room. My daughter leaves for college in the fall. I am sad to see her go, but at the same time I am already mapping out my Scrapbooking room. Yeah!

Project - My very own scrap room!
About this project

Project - My very own scrap room!
by Puddin Head
posted 10/30/09 at 12:59 PM
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After a great deal of thought and research into other Peas' scrap spaces, I've finally completed my own! Utilizing an empty bedroom after my daughter moved to graduate school, the room has everything I ever wanted in a scrapbooking studio. The desk, wall shelving, coffee table and book case are all from Ikea.
The wall of storage cubes are the Jet Max cubes from Michael's. The jars full of flowers were collected from TJ Max, Hobby Lobby, WalMart, Ross, and antique shops. The small cabinets with silver, pink, beige tins are the Magpie storage units by Quikutz (purchased from Big Lots). The tins were bought from Ebay.
The tall embellishment cabinet is actually a CD cabinet from
Lucite paper trays were purchased from a LSS going out of business. The blue oversized chair is a twin sleeper from La-Z-Boy. Scrapbook page frames above the chair come from JoAnn's. The closet holds plastic Iris drawer units from WalMart.
The round magnetic boxes on the magnet board come from the Container Store. I am fortunate to have a window seat with storage underneath. I keep my yet-to-be-used albums in there along with my crop totes.

Thanks for looking!

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