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21  Comments - I Don't Trust B-cuz of People Like You

Love this lo! Thanks for sharing your feelings.

That's awesome Thanks so much! Appreciate all the great comments and response.

I love this! I've wanted to make layouts like this for years, love seeing one!

great page! it's therapeutic to put things on paper sometimes. tfs

absolutely stunning - and good for you in getting this out in the open, I don't know you, but I'm very proud of you and this fab page :)

Oh utterly fabulous!

woohoo girl...this is ROCKIN"....LOVE it and congrats :)

I am good now, it's very cathartic for sure...:) Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies!

wow great page. good to let it out something i need to do about my ex thanks for the inspriation. i hope you are ok.

Awesome "real" page, Cristal! Love the mix of fonts int he title and the way you framed it. Congrats!

WOO HOO! Thank you for scrapping something REAL! REAL feelings, REAL journaling, not just that flowery, happy, perfect life CRAP that we keep seeing in all the magazine layouts. THis is REAL, this is truly helping YOU chronicle YOUR LIFE HISTORY and when people read through your scrapbooks someday they will really see who you are as a person, not just a scrapbooker... they will get to know who you ARE.

Amen and Hallelujah!

And Inky Smiles!

Thanks so much! you make me feel a little less stupid about it!
Your right the betrayal is crushing!

Long time lurker, but first time posting. I could have scrapped this except identity theft, blackmail, and stalking would have to be added. I so want to send this to the a-hole that has ruined much of what I've worked so hard to accomplish. I wish I had the courage to go to the police. The betrayal is crushing, but little snippets such as this give me strength and resolve. Thank you.

this is awesome!!!
Love it :)

I love the different fonts in your title, awesome layout

Oh how cool Thanks Kris & everyone else...

great design. congrats on being on the top viewed.

I love how real this is. Life's not always peachy! Thanks for reminding me that I don't always have to scrap about the happy times. The layout itself is great. I love how the title is front and center, and there is no photo.

this is amazing. love the rawness of it!

Thanks so much! I never know if people are going to be mad about my work or like it LOL! Thanks!!!

I LOVE IT! Scrapping about something that ticked you off, not just always the nice stuff.

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